5 things that make Sachin Special

There is no point in listing Sachin’s achievements in the cricket field. Everyone would be aware of even the small incidents of his career. In India, he is considered as a God, an idol, and an inspiration. Words won’t be enough to praise him, such is the class of the person. A man of high calibre, high class.That makes him more special apart from his spectacular achievements.

I have loved cricket simply because Sachin played it. The entire India love him, admire him as a cricketer as well as a person.

What makes Sachin so special? Here we list 5 things that make Sachin a unique personality.

1) His dedication towards the game and nation

The right-hander from Mumbai played the game with so much passion and love and put his life into it. He always said that he doesn’t want to live a life without cricket. People still remember the magnificent ton he scored against Kenya in the 1999 World Cup in England. He scored 140*(101) after coming out from his father’s graveyard.

He wanted to play that game because India was struggling at that point of time. Nobody would have utter a word against him even if he didn’t play that tournament itself but that is Sachin for you, he loves his nation and cricket more than anyone else.

2) As clean as a sage

During the two decades Sachin played the game, he was as clean as a sage. ‘Sachin in a controversy’, no, you don’t get that. Only a ball tampering issue came across and even that proved wrong afterwards. Leaving that aside, Sachin is associated with only mind blowing performances. It was unbelievable that he has carried himself so nicely. He played the game with utmost dedication and sincerity and didn’t want to hamper the gentleness of the game.

3) Sachin – the philanthropist

Sachin always believed that to become a nice human being is more important than becoming a great cricketer. He is a role model for anyone who have a lot of love in their hearts. Not everyone is aware of the charity works he has been doing for quite a long time now. He has been sponsoring many kids who want to play the game but have no money. It is not about cricket only, he gives support to every sport. These haven’t been published because he doesn’t want it to be.

4) His respect for the game

Sachin was once approached by a soft drink to promote their brand. He refused to shoot that advertisement because they wanted him to smash the cricket ball with a fly swatter. He didn’t shoot it because he thought it would make him greater than the game. Then, the ad. was modified in a way that he hits balls with a stump.

5) Simplicity and humbleness

There won’t be a cricketer who has achieved more than Sachin Tendulkar. He has achieved everything that can be achieved. He has been loved all over the world. People even worship him. Once he said that he is not a God and please stop worshiping him.

The interesting question is even with such a height of achievements around him, how a human being can be so simple, so down to earth and humble. It makes him special more than anything. It makes him the real idol, the God he is. Every word he says is a chant, every step he walks and everything he does have a divine touch. If a person has come close to the god qualities, it is our Sachin Tendulkar, our hero, our God.

We love you Sachin. We miss you.

#HappyBirthdaySachin #SachinTendulkar

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